how to achieve the perfect wedding spray tan

Have a trial run

  • Don’t take any chances, make sure you have a trial spray tan at least two months before your wedding day with an experienced spray tanning technician.Tans are not a one-colour-fits-all so planning a trial spray tan a few months ahead will ensure you find the right colour for your skin type that will give you the perfect sun kissed glow on your wedding day.


Don’t get a tan – ask for a glow

  • You and your wedding gown are the hero not your tan.  Dark tans do not look good with beautiful white wedding dresses, and can look very odd. For weddings, lighter is better. Make sure you ask the spray tanning technician to give you a colour that is a “golden glow” or “golden hue”. The aim here is that all of your guests will be making comments on how radiant and healthy you look, not how great the fake tan is. Never, ever be tempted to get a dark tan for your wedding!


Consider spray tanning all of your wedding party

  • If you are going to be tanned it really is worth considering having the whole wedding party spray tanned. If all (including groom and groomsmen) of your wedding party have a subtle tan, it may make all the difference to your photos (a pasty groom and a lovely golden bride might not look so wonderful!).


Have your wedding spray tan 2 days before the big day

  • Spray tan takes approximately 8-10 hours to fully develop and often look their best on the second day. However, having said that,  a spray tan trial will determine when your tan looks the best on you and when you love it the best. While a spray tan two days before is usually the best, for you, it might be the day before or three days later.
  • If you have your wedding dress, or are planning a fitting, arrange a trial tan so you can see how it looks with your dress on.  If you look in the mirror and see the Princess that you want to be on your day and everything works together and looks breathtaking then make a note of which day that tan made everything look unforgettable and plan to have your wedding tan however many days you need to prior to your wedding.


For information on how to prepare and care for your tan: