Is there an anti-aging tan?

In a world where, as we get older putting your best face forward means either botox or cosmetic surgery, a quiet revolution is gaining popularity transforming and redefining the way we travel our aging journey.

Market Research Report IBIS, reports that Australian middle-aged and older females will have spent $1.1 billion by the end of 2018 on “surgical procedures such as liposuction, tummy tucks, facelifts, and non-surgical procedures such as botox“.

I am needle phobic. I can’t even begin to entertain the thought of having needles inserted into my face. I hyperventilate every season when I have to line up to be pricked by the microscopic needle for the Flu Vaccination.  I also have a girlfriend whose best friend is botox. She shared with me she wishes she never began. Her face has begun to suffer from the long-term effects of botox  and is now looking at alternatives.



As fake tanning is my business, I pondered the question “is there such a thing as an anti-aging tan?” So I Googled!   It appears there are plenty. But, not the anti-aging I was looking for. I don’t want an anti-aging tanning lotion packed with antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients. I already have a cupboard full of those creams and serums. I want a tan, when applied to my face, doesn’t make me look 10 years older!

I am not alone. As a Tanning Technician, I have lost count of the number of women who request I don’t tan their face, or, if I do they ask I tan it very lightly. It’s always for the same reason. A tanned face can make you look older.


We fall into the 40+ demographic. Gone is our youthful face that you could once put anything on and you looked A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! As I remember those memories I wish I had cherished how beautiful I actually was and enjoyed what God had blessed me with. But like the majority of us, we never knew how gorgeous we actually were. It was a sign of the times. We were always comparing ourselves and always wanting to look like – ‘her’.   30 years later thank goodness that has begun to change. I am learning to embrace my age from my breathtakingly beautiful 19-year-old daughter who seriously does not see how truly gorgeous she is. Well, maybe there are some things that never change.   She tells me I look better now than when I was younger. I think she’s just being nice.   However, when that same comment was repeated recently at a Primary School Reunion, I knew something must be working. Then came the EPIC comment. The one that really blew me away – “have you got your tan on? you are an incredible looking woman, your skin is amazing are you a model?”



Oh, I would have walked on water for that comment 30 years ago. My dream was to be an actress/model despite the fact that I’m only 5’4! But it came at the 2nd part of my life where I’m repeating my 20’s for the second time and adding GST and I truly did not know what to say. I couldn’t even say a simple ‘thank you’ I was so humbled my brain went blank.

Yes, there is an anti-aging tan. It’s called Bronzing Custard. It’s by Vani-T. Certified organic. Australian owned. A moisturizer. A gradual tanner. Their highest seller and hero product with a celebrity following:


“I am fastidious about body moisturiser. I love Vani-T’s Bronzing Custard, a gradual tanning moisturiser that’s never the wrong colour.”

DANNII MINOGUE, Singer-Songwriter & Television Personality


I can attest to the above. Over the years, from experience, many times Vani-T sold out of Bronzing Custard and I’ve had to wait weeks while they replenish their stock. I totally agree with Dannii Minogue. The Bronzing Custard highlights and brings out your own personal natural tan according to your skin. It’s not a one colour fits all gradual tanner. It’s a gradual tan that works on your individual skin tone giving you a vibrant, healthy glow. It doesn’t over-colour and has everyone commenting how well you look. It blesses you with the best version of you.


how to apply:

  1. Use in the evening.
  2. Cleanse, tone and exfoliate your face, decalage, shoulders, and arms.
  3. Pat dry.
  4. Apply Bronzing Custard to your face, decalage, shoulders, and arms. Please note the Bronzing Custard is also a moisturiser so you don’t need to apply your night cream.
  5. Go to bed.
  6. In the morning wake up beautiful!
  7. Shower as per normal. Pat dry don’t rub with your towel.
  8. Moisturise as per normal.
  9. Apply makeup if you wish.
  10. Enjoy your glow!
  11. If you would like more colour, repeat again the next night.



I like it best for 3 maybe 4 days and then I repeat the above.

There’s no streaking which truly amazes me, so do not fear exfoliating and applying to those legs. Fades away superbly, however, if you want to remove, it comes off easily. No scrubbing required like a regular spray tan.

Yes, there is such a thing as an anti-aging tan that will give you a youthful hue you will love to show off.



Ps.  it’s also packed with anti-aging goodness found in the product description