the best organic body moisturiser

What is the best body moisturiser ever and extremely budget friendly too?

So I’ve discovered oils! They are the best organic body moisturisers. Pure, natural, no nasties, inexpensive and have been used since the beginning of time.  They are also loaded with essential fatty acids, nutrition and antioxidants like vitamins A and E and provide not only moisture but a shield to protect your skin.

Dry skin is a tan’s enemy. If you have dry hands, fingers, knuckles, elbows, knees, toes, feet and heels the tan will accumulate in the dry areas and turn yellow or orange. If you have dry skin on your legs or anywhere really, a patchy tan will be the result and it will rub off very quickly.

As a Tanning Technician who suffers from dry skin on my lower legs and has incredible difficulty getting those lower legs to tan successfully, I made it my mission to solve the dry skin issue once and for all.

and then it happened –

“You look like you’re wearing stockings”

Oh my goodness!!!!!  when my daughter said this to me I knew I had finally found the solution to the patchy legs and the legs that won’t tan issues that have plagued me like forever. Finally I had legs like hers! Am living the dream!

But that’s not all.  My darling daughter made the above compliment to me 5 days after I had my tan! Let me tell you I am one happy tanning technician right now!

So how did I achieve gorgeous legs that look like I’m wearing stockings?

Last year I discovered the benefits of macadamia and almond oils. My dry skin disappeared and I was over the moon. However they were in cream and lotion formula, very expensive, and for every day use I couldn’t justify the expense.  They were perfect for after tan care when you are ready to show your tan off to the world and stepping out to that special event. However I needed to find a moisturiser that I could use on a daily basis that would give me the same result but budget friendly, sustainable and organic.

Macadamia oil which is the closest thing to our skins natural human sebaceous oil absorbing quickly and easily as a result. I decided to start with that.

So off to the supermarket I went looking for macadamia oil and I found the regular cooking variety for a whole $7.99.   The label said pure, cold pressed so I bought it.

Was the best thing I ever did.

How to apply

Oils need water so our skin will absorb them. Otherwise the oil will sit on your skin and be of no use whatsoever and you will feel like you’re being marinated!

  • When you step out of the shower lightly pat the excess water off your body so that you are not dripping.
  • Place small amount of macadamia oil in the palms of your hands and rub all over your arms, hands, neck, decolage, stomach, legs, feet using the water to help absorb the oil into your skin. Yes you can even use on your face.
  • If you can do this each day – either morning or night whichever you prefer at least 3 days leading up to your tan you will notice a considerable improvement not only in the condition of your skin but your tan will look smooth, even textured, last longer and look golden, healthy and absolutely stunning!  You will look like you’re wearing stockings!!!!


In fact you will love the improvement in your skin and tan so much you will end up doing this each day.  If you can’t find macadamia oil the following oils work just as well:

  • Olive Oil – yes regular cooking kind so long as its pure virgin and cold pressed;
  • Coconut Oil – organic, pure and cold pressed;
  • Almond Oil;
  • Bio Oil;
  • and I love Rosehip Oil for my face.

Experiment with them all and find which one you absolutely love, have fun and enjoy looking beautiful.


5 thoughts on “the best organic body moisturiser

  1. Hi Jenene,

    Love this post. yes I am a man haha but men need moisturising too and I am very much into only putting organic products on my skin. My partner (who was born in Geelong) will love this too. I will share it with her.

    I always use coconut oil if I have been out in the sun a little long and its great too. We live on the Gold Coast. I will definitely check out the macadamia oil. Do you know if you can use that for cooking too?

    Keep up the great work 🙂


  2. Yes! Although I’m pretty winter pale right now, I LOVE using oils on my skin. Growing up in Hawaii, macadamia nut oil is the standard for skin care and even if you don’t use it straight, most lotions and hair products contain it. I prefer it in pure form, and use it on my hair and skin. I find I need to rotate oils occasionally, though; sometimes I use coconut oil or shea butter which are both lovely.

  3. Great post! I was thinking of starting using pure oils on my dry skin, I only used lotions containing oils but never pure oils so far. After reading this post I really feel I should give it a go.
    Interesting note you put there about how to apply it- I never thought to use water with it. I actually thought that I need to apply it on dry skin and not the wet one. Thanks for clarifying it. I learned something today 🙂

  4. Definitely, agree with this. I ran out of moisturiser for my face recently and I’d read that coconut oil was good for the skin so I decided to give it a shot. It’s amazing! My skin looks much healthier and I feel better knowing I’m putting ONE ingredient on my face, not whatever else comes in beauty products. I’m never going back!

  5. What great information! I love using oil on my body as a moisturizer but did not know about the need for water so that it can be absorbed. And I can’t wait to try macadamia oil! I’ve mainly been using coconut or avocado oil, so this will be a fun new experience. Thank you!

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